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Hello good people of the earth !!!!

Now that the eye candy of the new year has been presented, its time to share some news!

We’re moving into our very own house this year!

We’re having a baby this year!

We’re getting married this year!

(no need to rush things , he hee)

Busy looking into cashmere wedding shawls, – think i’ve picked this one – marriage certificates, homeschool registration, baby blankets, cast iron bathtubs, oooh its all happening.

The knitted sweater above belongs to my dear Jackson – its a Gathering Stripes by Veera Valimaki. I loooove her, and she will soon be publishing her first baby knits,,,, whoooo how excited I am !

The crochet squares above are for this blanket by the I love Wollmeise yarn, its squishy soft. I haven’t done crochet in ages and I am happy to be back into it. In other crafty news, I will hopefully be saying HELLO to my new santa claus pressie this week ….. as it still sits patiently in its pretty box. :)

I’ve been doing some blog reading/ catching up and hope to do more soon. I do hope you are all well friends, and greeting this special new year with a big SMILE.

love ,




Puerperium Cardigan

Ravelled here . The Puerperium Cardy. Inspired by several other knitters from last weeks linkup – i’ve wanted to try this little pattern for ages. I have loved every stitch too, its simple, easy, and loving the way it shapes itself. I love knitting in the round. Linking up again with Ginny\’s crew.

I have decided to use the leftover scrap yarn pieces from my Baby Cashmerino Blanket, crocheted a few months ( years ) past.  The project only uses a small amount of yarn ( 20 grams ) and so scrap yarn makes do quite nicely — if you don’t mind a thousand little bits hanging out to weave in later. :)  I do love how it matches my blanket, cute cute cute.  If you have scrap dk yarn about and need a quick handmade for a newborn, this is it !  Coming up…. little pants to match !

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