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We have been having an absolutely great homeschooling week so far !  Organization and lesson plans have nicely collided, giving us a lovely routined schedule for our days.  Today for science/health we did a body sketch onto newspaper and began our first lesson ,,,, the brain.  My children (even the youngest!!) sat enthralled as the accordian style Cerebrum became glued and attached up on the head.  Next week…. the heart !  This is truly fun. { I am a major biology geek }

We have been enjoying the lesson  and storytime illustrations on our Chalk Board.  Children love a pretty sketch drawn out.  It makes them so eager to sit down and get quiet , ready for the lesson.  Hip Hip for Art.
I have also been having  some quiet time for myself, bit of Chakra Work. OOOhhhhnnnnn. 
Oh it feels so nice to let all the chitter chatters in my much folded Cerebrum be expelled and fall thru the floor into oblivion.
ps. These Grimm Brothers tale continue to delight ! Did you know in the original tale both the grandmother and Little Red are eaten? And then cut out of the Wolf’s greedy stomach by the Woodchopper, and they dance around afterward! …>>>>>>

Little Red Riding Hood Sketch


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