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Sewing for Girls – Japanese Style

I’m so excited ! Awhile back I advertised for a book swap … my wishes came true and then some!   I received in the mail this week two of the loveliest JAPANESE SEWING BOOKS ever. I LOVE japanese craft books. But I always wondered… can one actually sew clothing from a pattern written in language one cannot read?

Well, my friends, I have the answer for the question now !  Yes,,, why yes one can !

The very first thing I did onest these lovely books arrived… was study them. Carry them round, to the bath, to the kitchen (while cooking tea~!), to bed … and really study the patterns and pictures. What I do love about these books, is what it has done for me personally , on a sewing enhancement level. Saving you from too deep a philosophical session, basically sewing patterns instructions confuse me. Even the ones other people say are ”easy” to follow. {Especially those}. Now I don’t know for the life of me why, but I am just no good at following instructions. I don’t like to either. I’d totally rather look at it, study it, and get to the end myself. You know?

Of course you know. You definitely know. See how well illustrated this pattern is? There wasn’t even a need for words. I did find out thru ‘detective Angela work’ how the word front is written in Japanese (and then promptly went round drawing it to friends to impress..).  Simple.  Study.  Trace*.  Cut.  Sew.  Admire. 

*Trace was a bit of an event from hell,, but we got there. Lines. Man oh man. The lines.

Ta-dah! Here she is. Hanging on a Gum Tree, swaying in the Kimberley breeze. This is the first top in the book (Pattern a, flickr group here). Sewn in Heather Ross frogs and tadpoles, I omitted the front pockets and added a vintage pink lace trim instead. I do love it. This is the size 100cm, the smallest in this book, and looks to fit a 3-5 year old. I did add a couple of inches to the bottom to make it longer, otherwise just as in the pattern.

I’d love to know.. do any of you have a favorite Japanese sewing book? Any experience on this topic to share? Expect to see much more sewing from these books! Sewing for girls is so much fun. Thanks to you Bronwyn for this fabulous trade, I’m so happy!


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