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seven inch square

I cleaned out my closet today ~!
{and found the most wonderful of things…}

a bit of a sewing project i found in my grandmother’s wardrobe. so i spent the afternoon with her. i lined up the squares, and then asked what do i do?  Magically, her note appeares.

the seven inch square.

everything is cut out and ready. instructions provided, in that beautiful handwriting that i miss so. there was {lots} of sniffling and soggyness as i was sewing, and my thumb is all mangled reminding me that I do still want that leather thimble. Her presence felt so strongly sitting right there alongside. Perhaps sewing too.

It’s all here ~ cut and sewed perhaps while sitting in front of the heater in the store. Sitting in that chair with feet on worn hardwood floors, sewing in lap, looking out the door. A woman whom I dearly always adored and still do. A woman who pulls at my heart still in ways stronger than there are words.

I’m so glad I cleaned out the closet today.


End of August

Hello dear friends. What a week it has been. News of an earthquake and hurricane overseas, which is still on my mind and affecting my friends on the east coast. Sickness here in our household, of various sorts. I can say I have the utmost respect for the amazing discovery of Penicillin, and would be long ago deceased without it. Aren’t we lucky to live in this day and age.

We have mango trees, and boy are they fruiting. Soon, we will have mango delights ! It is such fun to live in a tropical climate, so different to anything i’ve ever experienced before. It has now been ‘dry’ for 6 months, wonderful cool weather. In the next few months it will heat up and bring the rainy ‘wet’ season with it. During the exchange, we experience 8 full months without a single drop of rain. Marvelous how the trees and plants and people adapt.

Due to our illnesses of sorts we’ve had some downtime from the homeschooling, but we have managed to complete our newspaper Biology man, turning it into a fun game to boot. This was super fun for us all….. Moving on into Roman Numerals in our Maths.

I myself having revelations of sorts as I continue reading “Art of zen” as discussed before. So many things I could post from it, but I won’t. Just read it sometime, won’t yoU?  It has helped me become more rooted – in a foreign country that isn’t easy to do I had thought. But aren’t you the same person wherever you roam? Perhaps life throws little tests at us ; intervalls of teaching and learning. The world keeps spinning around and around.

( I’m glad to be on it. )

birthday zen

“” To the untrained eye ego – climbing and selfless climbing may appear identical.  Both kinds of climbers place one foot in front of the other.  Both breathe in and out at the same rate.  Both stop when tired.  Both go forward when rested.  But what a difference!  The ego – climber is like an instrument that’s out of adjustment.  He puts his foot down an instant too soon or too late.  He’s likely to miss a beautiful passage of sunlight through the trees.  He goes on when the sloppiness of his step shows he’s tired.  He rests at odd times.  He looks up the trail trying to see what’s ahead even when he knows what’s ahead because he just looked a second before.  He goes too fast or too slow for the conditions and when he talks his talk is forever about somewhere else, something else.  He’s here but he’s not here.  He rejects the here, is unhappy with it, wants to be farther up the trail but when he gets there will be just as unhappy because then it will be “here”.  What he’s looking for, what he wants, is all around him, but he doesn’t want that because it is all around him.  Every step’s an effort, both physically and spiritually, because he imagines his goal to be external and distant.”     

 – p. 206, Art of Zen and Motorcycle Maintenance by Robert M. Pirsig

Loving this book. Loving my crochet kitchen goodies of this week ( hot pots, washcloths, and dishtowels). Pictured is the hot pot , pattern is here. Loving especially,,,, my birthday present today…that beautiful red Nancybird bag!  Isn’t it gorgeous! Other knitters/crocheters and readers to be found at Ginny\’s.

Have you read this book? Are you an ego- climber or a selfless climber? I think we are all both at times. It is certainly my goal to try and be more where I am at the moment physically. It is not the ideal place, and I do get homesick. But wherever we all find ourselves, there is some beauty in that if we hold up our heads and look for it . x


To the lighthouse

For now she need not think about anybody.
She could be herself. And that was what now, she often
felt the need of — to think; well not even to think.
To be silent; to be alone. All the being and the doing,
expansive, glittering, vocal, evaporated . . .
Although she continued to knit, and sat upright, it was
thus that she felt herself; and this self having
shed its attachments was free for the strangest adventure.

From To the Lighthouse, VIRGINIA WOOLF, 1927

Crochet loving

My goodness, it’s been awhile!

Busy Busy Busy crafting here… so many wonderful things to share with you !

My blanket , long time in progress, is as-we-speak getting oversewn and finished.

I’ve got a wonderful granny visiting us here at the moment, and she is a marvelous neck band picker upper!!! So I am loving handing over these vests and sweaters from the to-do pile! Aah, it feels so so good to pull knitted items out of the drawer where they gather dust and become outgrown (before they’ve been worn) and hand them over to a pro. More on that later… much to reveal! And this granny has been busy making dolls dresses too! What a multi talented one she is.

With my Giant Granny Square crochet along? I went until my wool ran out, and turned it into a lovely pillow covering. LOVE IT.

My Attic 24 crochet basket is coming along a charm… Only have the flowers to add and all finished. Love it also.

Who doesn’t love pineapple upsides?

The pincushion…isn’t it gorgeous? Thank you  Wendy ,, i love it. So perfect. x

good granny lovin’

my first granny square !

Hello there!! Teaming up with some girls on a giant granny crochet group! This was just the thrilling little newness i needed today, thank you Ang!  I have done a good bit of motif learning here lately , and was fully confident to tackle the little granny square this time. An hour outside with the kiddos, and lookey !   I did it !!  I just love it … i will keep going and going … I am using sz 5 hook and various colours of a Debbie Bliss Chunky Cashmerino i’ve had in my stash for years. It feels so good to finally give it a project !


I’m no stranger to the round repeatedness of crochet. This was originally intended to become a floor RUG. .. . however .. I got about this far ( its 12×12 currently ) and can go no more. Its big, it takes forever to go round now.  I have no idea what i’ll do with it.  (Any ideas?)

Some more roundness. This was a successful attempt at a floor rug! Still in progress. . . made with Thrifted Bias Tape ( which cost nearly nothing ) and a child’s hacked off TOOTHBRUSH. (Hence the name ‘Toothbrush Rug’).  I did a big blog post about how to make these on my old blog , and deleted it . OoOps. If you google, you’ll find heaps of instruction on these rugs. Easy. Fun.

This dear little blanket is what has been receiving FULL ATTENTION for the last two weeks. No other crafting project of any kind. (which i think is why i was so eager for this granny square business today).  I have finished the crocheting, now I just have to work on the correct joining method and the silk edging. It’s gonna be novel baby, novel. You can go here to see just how long i’ve been working on this blanket. (so embarassing!)

Wishing you all a wonderful fuzzy filled weekend !

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