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soak your linen


Before sewing linen fabric, you should ”treat” it to fix any irregularities in the grain and prevent it from shrinking when you  apply a steam iron or launder it. Soak linen for an hour in water, then run it through the washing machine on gentle. Afterward, hang the fabric up to dry dripping by its selvedge side.  When it is nearly dry, iron it with a dry iron on the wrong side.

(Text in part by AKIKO MANO, written in LINEN, WOOL, COTTON. )

*** i do love picking out new linens for home sewing.                      linen teatowels in the kitchen are the best.                                       linens with herb prints chosen for a cooking apron.                           apple linens chosen to back my spiderweb quilt. ***

What’s your favorite use of linen?


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