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yarning along

Hello everyone ~ joining up today with other knitters/readers at Ginny’s place.  My knitting this week has been an exciting adventurous mix of stranded colourwork and a matching sweater  – fiddler’s mitts & Angie .

I cleaned out my closet yesterday and found lots of forgotten things ! A quilt beginning – shown in yesterdays post – and also some great old books and magazines ! This one , Organic Gardener – July 2008 , has the most beautiful indie dyeing article. Beautiful illustrations from the book ECO COLOUR by India Flint (2008) with gorgeous resulted pictures from ‘ice-flower’ dyeing onto cloth. If i can achieve that purple and orange from frozen violets and calendula – bring it on !!


old fashioned winding

hello knitterley creatures !

ok. i am in love with this yarn . its everything i love and more .

i have lots of skeins , and i do not have a skein winder thingy. i want one believe me….but i’m just as happy for now winding my balls by hand the ‘old fashioned’ way. thanks to the lovely nonibags  on youtube, i successfully wind my own centre – pull balls !!

I am reading a wonderful vintage book of short stories about life in South Africa .. we are going camping tomorrow.. i’m packing my knitting of course.. dear mother in law has received her silk shawl and loves it.. pop over and have a little look at my quilt – and tell me what you think of the online discussion? i love your comments and thoughts always.


excited! i am now the proud new owner of some lacy yak. very much liking of the sweater using lace here. my oh my !!!!

courthouse steps

:: we lost internet/ phone connection for 4 days. Sorry for me? Don’t be! I think it was just splendid… I started a new quilt!
:: being forcefully ‘unplugged’ has made me realize how much time we do spend online. in hindsight it seems a great loss of time.
:: as a creative artful being, i have it all right inside of me. and yet, for the last year or so, i feel i look to the internet for guidance and even instruction when i feel creative. mind you, i like to see what other folks are doing in their lives – but i don’t want to be like or do like anybody else i know. i want to think up my own stuff.
:: so all these little epiphonies of sorts make my Leo mind run wild and long story short i’ve started a snazzeling new quilt. Using the bar measurements from the book ‘material obsession‘ – [its called a courthouse steps block]. In her book she names her quilt Retro something.
:: anyway back to my epiphony. why do we spend such a great amount of time on electric contraptions? aren’t they cold. aren’t they basic and lacking sensation. why does then the human of today feel so connected to wires and poly screens and strange people you’ll never meet?
:: i’m reading a great book. a collection of south african short stories. i’m brewing tea by the pot full. i’m thinking all sorts of thoughts. i attribute it to good books, good tea, and good old fashioned unplugged living. for four days.
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