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My how the weeks fly! We are already into Week 7 of our Sophia’s Journey Quest story. (Spoken of in previous Homeschooling Posts). This provides the sturdy basis of the beginnings of our Homeschooling Journey together : and what a magical tale it has been. A wonderful way to introduce the Letters ! This week the children meet a magical bear in the forest. Thus the letter B is introduced. The children have little notebooks which we made together : after I read the Grimm Brothers story which complements that days lesson, we draw a picture of what we’ve just heard. This also helps them to retell the story in their own words, and is nice to go back to review. I like how the Melisa Nielson text includes these Grimm tales. It’s all in there. 


What I am finding out about HOMESCHOOLING  out there in the ” real world ” ………. There are so many supportive folks.  These are generally the older generation. The ones who live and surround themselves with plants, nature, art and poetry.  The people who grew up in a time where life was simpler and not so fast paced; where people stopped and chatted and strangers were helped as friends. The souls who saw children being raised to value respect and kindness :: and knew its profound impact in this world. So what I think may be most important in home educating our children is the daily lessons which focus so much around this. The Grimm Brothers tales may in fact be a bit ‘grim’ to some, however their main focus is to teach children the benefit and value of being kind and thoughtful to strangers, animals, those in need. How would this world be if all children were taught this in tale, daily!?!? 
Today we read a little tale called ” THE LION, THE HARE, AND THE HYENA ”  ,  a lovely story from Kenya – from Nelson Mandela’s beautiful book.  Full of enriching stories that all children will love and learn from.  In the tale, the brave lion becomes hurt and discovers the value in friendships when his little friend hops in to help. A cunning visit from the hyena tries to trick them both but becomes deceived himself!
Happy days to you all.  x

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