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seven inch square

I cleaned out my closet today ~!
{and found the most wonderful of things…}

a bit of a sewing project i found in my grandmother’s wardrobe. so i spent the afternoon with her. i lined up the squares, and then asked what do i do?  Magically, her note appeares.

the seven inch square.

everything is cut out and ready. instructions provided, in that beautiful handwriting that i miss so. there was {lots} of sniffling and soggyness as i was sewing, and my thumb is all mangled reminding me that I do still want that leather thimble. Her presence felt so strongly sitting right there alongside. Perhaps sewing too.

It’s all here ~ cut and sewed perhaps while sitting in front of the heater in the store. Sitting in that chair with feet on worn hardwood floors, sewing in lap, looking out the door. A woman whom I dearly always adored and still do. A woman who pulls at my heart still in ways stronger than there are words.

I’m so glad I cleaned out the closet today.



Oh the joy. I bought lace. (online) I’ve never seen lace. When it arrived, i had to put my glasses on so that i could find it. (joking) I do love it… the colour reminds me of the blooms of Australia – the wattle, the many yellowey blooming trees, and it also reminds me of a fluffy new baby chicken.
First up, i handwound my lace skein. This took awhile, and i did complain. Second up, i assembled my new interchangable KnitPro bamboo needles (love them already). Third, i consulted my PATTERN. I am to cast on several hundred lace stitches and keep them from rolling and then join. No problem.
Problem. Oh my godfather. This stuff does like to roll. Imagine having several hundred little fluffy new yellow baby chicks , now imagine yourself lining them all up in a new row facing north. Well its just impossible.
Persisting onwards anyhow,, and hoping to myself several rows into it will get easier or sort itself out. Don’t you love it when things just sort themselves out? I’m a big believer in it –

{sooo… does anyone know an easy way to get rid of a twist (or two) once you’ve started? I’ll be your best friend…}

I’m reading some great novels.. last week i finished a short story book on South African tales by Doris Lessing. I also read Bite of the Mango, by Mariatu Kamara. Next up has been a series of tales of misfortune in the outback..which was quite reassuring me i do not want to go any further than i am now! My hubby is reading lots of book on ‘outback adventure’ and ‘4wheel driving’. His survival guide says an outback adventurer should firstly always expect and fear the worst. Check.

My Cria sweater now has one sleeve , a neckline, and three buttons ! It’s coming along…snail pace. Just in time for our 100degree weather.

I’ve waffled on enough i believe.. Linking up with ginny . See you there!

courthouse steps

:: we lost internet/ phone connection for 4 days. Sorry for me? Don’t be! I think it was just splendid… I started a new quilt!
:: being forcefully ‘unplugged’ has made me realize how much time we do spend online. in hindsight it seems a great loss of time.
:: as a creative artful being, i have it all right inside of me. and yet, for the last year or so, i feel i look to the internet for guidance and even instruction when i feel creative. mind you, i like to see what other folks are doing in their lives – but i don’t want to be like or do like anybody else i know. i want to think up my own stuff.
:: so all these little epiphonies of sorts make my Leo mind run wild and long story short i’ve started a snazzeling new quilt. Using the bar measurements from the book ‘material obsession‘ – [its called a courthouse steps block]. In her book she names her quilt Retro something.
:: anyway back to my epiphony. why do we spend such a great amount of time on electric contraptions? aren’t they cold. aren’t they basic and lacking sensation. why does then the human of today feel so connected to wires and poly screens and strange people you’ll never meet?
:: i’m reading a great book. a collection of south african short stories. i’m brewing tea by the pot full. i’m thinking all sorts of thoughts. i attribute it to good books, good tea, and good old fashioned unplugged living. for four days.
:: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: :: ::

Not yet – Father time !

Howdy all !!!

How bout a birds eye view of some crafties to start us off, eh?

These are the items i’ve been working on… to enter them into the local Western Australia Crafters Show next week! This will be my very first time entering into a show…and boy am i excited.  There is the Waldorf Dolly, which i made from an old t-shirt, and dress made by Grandma who just visited us. Also being entered is the Elephants on Parade Vest ( which is on Ravelry ) .. i just love it. This being my first ever attempt at “GRAPH KNITTING”. (also last ever attempt people, so look good at it.)  Still a work in progress is my  Bias Tape Toothbrush Floor rug – growing and growing. And last but not least, is my beloved crochet baby blanket:: made in Debbie Bliss Cashmerino, edged in Silk Charcoal, and totally delightful to the touch and eyes. It needs blocking. I really don’t like blocking. Can someone please come and block all of my finished projects?? Ah yes.. and thrown in just to make myself look super busy are the ‘Neighborly Vest’ , which i forgot to give to Grandma to armhole pick-up while she was on such a roll (darnit), and my ‘Lucy Attic 24’ crochet bag. Which i do love, and can’t wait to finish and use.

So next up :: the homeschooling front. We’ve been on a two week school holidays here. There are lots of holidays in Australia. Basically you’ll go for 10 weeks and then have two off. I love it. They just don’t take anything too seriously here in Australia, you know. Cause all work and no play.. So it was back to school for us. What did we do? Well,,,, not wanting to get to crazy into heavy stuff on the first day back. The kids worked on making a picture collage. Just look at them, all busy and interested. Drawing, cutting , and pasting. They picked their own themes, drew the pictures, and then glued them onto A4 poster paper. When they were all finished, I got them to tell me a story about it. This is fun and interesting for all age groups. My 3 year old drew all superhero characters and two snakes (an angry snake and a nice one). There was also sticky mud for a trap. My 6 year old made his a sea drawing with a sea snake, algae, and mangrove trees with roots. He named his picture ” MY WORLD ”  and wrote a story to go along with his. This is excellent portfolio work.  (See how my little one insists on dressing up for school each morning with his silk scarf ! mama loves it. )

Ah. Here’s my particular new favorite pasttime. This is going to be a real sweet beauty. It is the ‘spiderweb selvedge quilt’ and I am making mine with a pair of old pink linen pants and of course, selvedges. While granny was here, I got to dig it out and add three new pie squares. This is a simple and satisfying quilt to make, and rather quick. Which is why for the life of me I cannot understand why it is taking me so long to progress on it. Two more pieces yet till i actually have one whole spider web. I suppose with kids and cooking and (not) cleaning and homeschooling, the quilting always gets pushed back. Even though it is such a strong passion for me. * Sad *.  I will leave you with  a cute little writeup from an American Quilting Magazine, found at a thrift shop. Have a great week all.. love love !XX

” NOT YET, FATHER TIME ! “   (by Alice Evanick)

Art is long, and time is fleeting – wrote a poet long ago. Art is long doesn’t have much meaning – Time is fleeting – that i know !! 

Time is fleeting, hurrying, scurrying, Running fast as it can go. While I vacuum, bring in the wash, Fold the clothes, and shovel snow.

Time for quilting, how to find it ? Always something else comes first. Better write or call my mother, Or she’ll surely think the worst !

Wash the floor, and weed the garden, Golf, and cook, and shop , and bowl, Buy the groceries, hit the garage sales, Go see the children in St. Paul.

Homespun chores eat up the minutes – Bring in the wood when weather’s cool. Pack lunches for the children, So they’ll do their best at school.

” Go swiftly walking four miles a day ” Say the books , doctors, and such.  But do these experts leave time for quilting ? Are you kidding ? No, not much !

Face it people, time for quilting Must be grabbed, and squeezed, and stored. We all know the quilter’s motto ::  ‘never close your ironing board!’

Lest the time should ‘fleet’ right by me When I have an hour to spare, I’ll sew those finished blocks together, And smooth them out with special care.

Soon, I must be ‘up and doing’ For my family, friends, and guests. First, let me finish up this stitching, quilting, binding, and the rest.

Now there’s grandchildren, and each one Must have a quilt that’s made with love. No time ever to get ready for that quilt show ‘up above’ !

Then when Father Time does call me To that great quilt show in the sky, I’ll ask for another half a century – I  still have patterns left to try !

I’ll need hours and days and leap years, Four score years, and twenty more, Just to use the scraps I have now – and there’s more material at the store !

My quilt

far far away quiltunicorns, frogs, princesses x

I am loving my new quilt in progress.

It is soft, light, comforting.

Perfect for couch snuggling.

A homemade quilt truly makes a house a home. x

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