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Sarah’s Silks $50 Voucher Giveaway

Hello guys – I haven’t been here in ages !!
I am writing to let you all know of a sponsor giveaway I am hosting for Sarah’s Silks.
Enter to win a $50 Store Voucher ~ and get shopping ~! :)))
Here is the giveaway , best of luck !!





Princess Fiona Pattern Giveaway

Hello guys I am hosting a Pattern giveaway on my blog – http://nestajackson.blogspot.com/2014/06/knitting-princess-fiona-swans-island.html

Visit me there to win a copy of this beautiful Sweater by Amy Miller !



Fort Magic Kit Giveaway !!


Visit my other blog to put your name in to win this Fort Magic Kit “ !!
A $199 Retail Value ~




Hello ! Isn’t this horsey darling? Enter over at my other blog to win a copy of this horsey pattern, go on you knitters, go ! =)

Pattern GIVEAWAY !!!!

HORSE pattern giveaway here _____> go now !!

Seeds, sweaters, etc etc.


Gosh. It’s been awhile people. I used this blog exclusively for a year or two when I got sick of my Blogger one.

Then I got homesick and went back, and now well you know. Anyway, I ‘m knitting ! There are so many wonderful 

spring knits out now! I’m surprisingly not knitting a Veera knit right now , which makes me kindof sad and out of sorts, 

but ! I am knitting one or two of Carrie Bostick Hoge’s designs, and I am finishing up a test knit for Joji – Worsted boxy , 

and then I must cast on a test knit , a darling little spring v neck sweater top for dear Isabell ! 

I planted my seeds today ! All in pots or little starter trays. I think its still too cold at night to set them strait out.

Adding new things to the mix this year, its my first real garden in so very long. I have high hopes and dreams and truly am so excited!

I must now, however, go and get supper organized, and then go and get all the many loads off the hiils hoist, and then bring all my darling little seeds inside, its gonna be chilly tonite baby !! :)


Lola Shawl

Lola Shawl

Knitting a Cashmere shawl – from Taproot this month.

Lispenard Pattern Giveaway

Hello all…. WordPress is still not uploading any of my pics, sorry.

Plenty of knitting happening in spite – in fact – a new pattern giveaway

on my ‘working’ blog !  

Pop over to norwood walkabouts  and enter.


A new year

Hi guys :: i got a new camera!

T’would appear, however, that WordPress does not liketh my Nikon.

It doesn’t allow jpg’s whatever they are.

What is double knitting too while we are being inquisitive?

Anyhow, i’m blogging HERE until i figure it all out.

Some eye candy for you from my knitters stash !

december2011 054

december2011 054

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