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i can download pics onto wordpress from my flickr !

we’re back in business people ! :))))


Not yet – Father time !

Howdy all !!!

How bout a birds eye view of some crafties to start us off, eh?

These are the items i’ve been working on… to enter them into the local Western Australia Crafters Show next week! This will be my very first time entering into a show…and boy am i excited.  There is the Waldorf Dolly, which i made from an old t-shirt, and dress made by Grandma who just visited us. Also being entered is the Elephants on Parade Vest ( which is on Ravelry ) .. i just love it. This being my first ever attempt at “GRAPH KNITTING”. (also last ever attempt people, so look good at it.)  Still a work in progress is my  Bias Tape Toothbrush Floor rug – growing and growing. And last but not least, is my beloved crochet baby blanket:: made in Debbie Bliss Cashmerino, edged in Silk Charcoal, and totally delightful to the touch and eyes. It needs blocking. I really don’t like blocking. Can someone please come and block all of my finished projects?? Ah yes.. and thrown in just to make myself look super busy are the ‘Neighborly Vest’ , which i forgot to give to Grandma to armhole pick-up while she was on such a roll (darnit), and my ‘Lucy Attic 24’ crochet bag. Which i do love, and can’t wait to finish and use.

So next up :: the homeschooling front. We’ve been on a two week school holidays here. There are lots of holidays in Australia. Basically you’ll go for 10 weeks and then have two off. I love it. They just don’t take anything too seriously here in Australia, you know. Cause all work and no play.. So it was back to school for us. What did we do? Well,,,, not wanting to get to crazy into heavy stuff on the first day back. The kids worked on making a picture collage. Just look at them, all busy and interested. Drawing, cutting , and pasting. They picked their own themes, drew the pictures, and then glued them onto A4 poster paper. When they were all finished, I got them to tell me a story about it. This is fun and interesting for all age groups. My 3 year old drew all superhero characters and two snakes (an angry snake and a nice one). There was also sticky mud for a trap. My 6 year old made his a sea drawing with a sea snake, algae, and mangrove trees with roots. He named his picture ” MY WORLD ”  and wrote a story to go along with his. This is excellent portfolio work.  (See how my little one insists on dressing up for school each morning with his silk scarf ! mama loves it. )

Ah. Here’s my particular new favorite pasttime. This is going to be a real sweet beauty. It is the ‘spiderweb selvedge quilt’ and I am making mine with a pair of old pink linen pants and of course, selvedges. While granny was here, I got to dig it out and add three new pie squares. This is a simple and satisfying quilt to make, and rather quick. Which is why for the life of me I cannot understand why it is taking me so long to progress on it. Two more pieces yet till i actually have one whole spider web. I suppose with kids and cooking and (not) cleaning and homeschooling, the quilting always gets pushed back. Even though it is such a strong passion for me. * Sad *.  I will leave you with  a cute little writeup from an American Quilting Magazine, found at a thrift shop. Have a great week all.. love love !XX

” NOT YET, FATHER TIME ! “   (by Alice Evanick)

Art is long, and time is fleeting – wrote a poet long ago. Art is long doesn’t have much meaning – Time is fleeting – that i know !! 

Time is fleeting, hurrying, scurrying, Running fast as it can go. While I vacuum, bring in the wash, Fold the clothes, and shovel snow.

Time for quilting, how to find it ? Always something else comes first. Better write or call my mother, Or she’ll surely think the worst !

Wash the floor, and weed the garden, Golf, and cook, and shop , and bowl, Buy the groceries, hit the garage sales, Go see the children in St. Paul.

Homespun chores eat up the minutes – Bring in the wood when weather’s cool. Pack lunches for the children, So they’ll do their best at school.

” Go swiftly walking four miles a day ” Say the books , doctors, and such.  But do these experts leave time for quilting ? Are you kidding ? No, not much !

Face it people, time for quilting Must be grabbed, and squeezed, and stored. We all know the quilter’s motto ::  ‘never close your ironing board!’

Lest the time should ‘fleet’ right by me When I have an hour to spare, I’ll sew those finished blocks together, And smooth them out with special care.

Soon, I must be ‘up and doing’ For my family, friends, and guests. First, let me finish up this stitching, quilting, binding, and the rest.

Now there’s grandchildren, and each one Must have a quilt that’s made with love. No time ever to get ready for that quilt show ‘up above’ !

Then when Father Time does call me To that great quilt show in the sky, I’ll ask for another half a century – I  still have patterns left to try !

I’ll need hours and days and leap years, Four score years, and twenty more, Just to use the scraps I have now – and there’s more material at the store !

What I’m doing…

Biology Sketch

crinkly Cerebrum Craft

chakra check

photosynthesis lesson

We have been having an absolutely great homeschooling week so far !  Organization and lesson plans have nicely collided, giving us a lovely routined schedule for our days.  Today for science/health we did a body sketch onto newspaper and began our first lesson ,,,, the brain.  My children (even the youngest!!) sat enthralled as the accordian style Cerebrum became glued and attached up on the head.  Next week…. the heart !  This is truly fun. { I am a major biology geek }

We have been enjoying the lesson  and storytime illustrations on our Chalk Board.  Children love a pretty sketch drawn out.  It makes them so eager to sit down and get quiet , ready for the lesson.  Hip Hip for Art.
I have also been having  some quiet time for myself, bit of Chakra Work. OOOhhhhnnnnn. 
Oh it feels so nice to let all the chitter chatters in my much folded Cerebrum be expelled and fall thru the floor into oblivion.
ps. These Grimm Brothers tale continue to delight ! Did you know in the original tale both the grandmother and Little Red are eaten? And then cut out of the Wolf’s greedy stomach by the Woodchopper, and they dance around afterward! …>>>>>>

Little Red Riding Hood Sketch

Book Swap, anyone?

HI guys! I just so happen to have two copies of the following books…..both are new and never read, I had bought for myself and also received as a present. Would anybody like to do a crafty book swap for either or both of these beauties?

Making Waldorf Dolls, by Maricristin Sealey, is the guru of dollmaking books. You will fall in love with this book and never need another. It is complete. It has patterns for all dolls and clothings, most easily followed, with beautiful hand drawn illustrations. Here are some dolls I have made with this book.

Second is the FaLaLaLa Felt Christmas Book….just beautiful! The most amazing gifts .. my children loved making these with me and putting them on our tree. Handmade ornaments are so wonderful. This book is also new never read. I bought it, then won it. Here are some of the ornaments we made last year.. I made many more and gave them away!

I would like to trade these books for relatively new crafty books that you may also have double copies of!

Don’t miss my latest GIVEAWAY!  I will pick the winner on Saturday. x

On Homeschooling

soil of the Kimberley

HomeSchooling Week 3 ::

Things I have learned. #1 – (dress for success)  One day last week I came into our homeschooling room , sat down on my sheepskin in my pajamas , and got a very funny look from my Jackson. He says to me ” Well, , , , you don’t look very much like a teacher!!”  Ok Ok.. I tried. Now, before I light the candle to begin our morning, I put on a pretty dress and my pearl earrings and Jack just smiles and says ” Now you look just like a teacher!!” 
Things I apparently haven’t learned. #2 – (expect to learn yourself)  As we are engaged in a G, g, gg phonics lesson, which I do admit can be not very easy sometimes, I tell Jack a double letter set comes in the middle of a word. He then says to me ” Well, what about EGG?”  One smart cookie he is. So it appears sometimes he is teaching me.
Points of Interest to be noted :::::
  • we have become much closer as a family. our days flow so nicely. we understand, communicate, respect trust and appreciate each other so,much,more.
  • the children play better together. much less squibbling. jack becomes a teacher of sorts to his younger brother (one of my favorite aspects of the waldorf + montessori learning approach – where younger children often learn from older children). everything is well relaxed, everyone is well rested. everyone sees the key role we each play in this family.
  • Television and Computer time has virtually eliminated itself, naturally. Something which bothered me and I spent energy wondering how to lessen in our lifes – has just dissapeared. Nobody asks for it now. There is so much fun going on. We still do watch a movie or something, but mama is so very happy this is not a problem in our lives anymore!


I am working on a weekly chart with our rhythms of the days. Usually we begin between 8 and 9. I light the candle. I burn GERANIUM. We sit on the sheepskins in a circle. We stretch, sing a song and have a Waldorf Lesson. Do a drawing of the story read and practice our letters. The new letter this week was W : and on the journey to visit the Wise Sophia  in the mountain (M) – they cross a windy path (s), enter into a valley (v), and come out into a forest of trees (T). The family then enter into a section of the river which is large with rapids and waves (W) , thus too wild to cross without first making a boat. 

My children are really into this ongoing tale – and the association of letters coming from earthly formations is magical indeed. Just yesterday Jack was drawing an M into the sand at the park with his stick. He then played with little rocks as they were climbing up to his ‘mountain’. (so it must be working!!)

Thank you all for your encouragement on this launch into our homeschooling, its a real boost for me! x


Handwork – ” knitting creates neural pathways”



Today is our HandWork Day. I always look forward to this day! As a crafter and creater myself,,,,its only natural that i pass this on to my children. We are currently exploring with weaving, slipknots, braiding, and knitting. My oldest has done well with fingerknitting, and now it is time to introduce the knitting spool ! With much excitement ! {Beautiful handcarved spool pictured above is by Annie, her lovely Waldorf store is here.}

Do your little ones use a knitting spool?  My son has asked to be taught knitting for years (he is always watching mama!)….. he is now 6 and i am thinking he is now ready. It can be a bit tricky on the fingers to pull the bottom loop up and over the top with the needle.

Below I have listed some additional reads and links on this topic. They are wonderful ! Also..if you like woolcrafts, Annie has kindly sponsored my blog with an upcoming giveaway for you…some things pictured above in the basket!

I could go on and on…there are so many wonderful reads out there !  Perhaps this will be an introduction to further inspire us all to realize the true benefits in adding HandWork and craft into our lives and teaching it to our little ones. I’d love to hear your thoughts, ideas, any to share? Have a wonderful week all ! x

Knitting is just the facet of handwork in the Waldorf curriculum. As the student matures, handwork becomes increasingly complex. When speaking of handwork as part of the Waldorf curriculum, Rudolf Steiner stated that the purpose was not necessarily to teach a particular skill but rather to inspire a mindset of confidence and connectedness in the individual. Whether describing children knitting or young adults carving and bookbinding, handwork teaches a mindset that will last a lifetime.
Read more = suite 101

How to use a knitting nancy by Mama MoonTime.

Importance of HandWork and finger knitting, weaving, braiding for us all = teaching handwork.
A beautiful article on HandWork by Parental Passage.

two waldorf puppets!

Now we can really have a puppet show.

She is gorgeous, no? (Love that red koolaid dyed hair!) These are for my Nesta, who will be three tomorrow…two is such a precious little age, and three is my favorite.

10inch wool doll puppets

 I have made Waldorf Dolls before…but these are quick and very satisfying to make! Three hours is the total time to make both this boy and girl doll. The materials are all completly natural and biodegradable. There is no packaging to be thrown away. This type of present can be made with materials from your home, costing zero dollars, and what a gift strait from your heart to theirs. Give homemade a try! x

waldorf puppet


Hello! Meet our new little friend. I made him in an hours time. A very enjoyable and simple project from Beyond the Rainbow Bridge. All made with recycled materials…his head is made with a white singlet, his body a wool blanket cutting, a blue cape from wool felt. He is stuffed with wool and has a round river stone sewn the bottom for standing. His hair is wool roving which I dyed with Black Sunflower Seeds last year! More about Natural Plant Dyeing here.

Waldorf doll made with recycled materialsdoll’s hair made with wool roving

My dear friend had her baby! A girl…..a very special day. xxxx

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