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oh at the marvelous wonders in nature :: and the gifts she gives.

our mango trees are heavy with fruits, and we are picking some early to ripen inside (dark dry spot). on the sunnier side of our trees the fruits toward the top are starting to yellow, then they go pinky red. then the fruit bats eat them…..

when you pick a green mango it immediately gives this forceful crazy sticky squirt from its stalk, and the kids said it was a bit itchy. i picked a few, and the smell is so sweet and tempting. .. but i must wait. i remember when i was last home and picking persimmons with daddy in the woods behind our house {technically soon between our houses!!} the fruit smelled so sweet and i just couldn’t wait – oh dear.

have you ever had an unripened persimmon in your mouth? its fairly undescribable. and its quite funny to watch, when its not you. so i think i’ll just wait on these here mangos…come on pink!

mango smoothies, mango icecream, mango and chicken kebabs on the barbeque, mango muffins, mango and beef schechwan stirfry, mango in the bath. mango mango mango !!



Oh the joy. I bought lace. (online) I’ve never seen lace. When it arrived, i had to put my glasses on so that i could find it. (joking) I do love it… the colour reminds me of the blooms of Australia – the wattle, the many yellowey blooming trees, and it also reminds me of a fluffy new baby chicken.
First up, i handwound my lace skein. This took awhile, and i did complain. Second up, i assembled my new interchangable KnitPro bamboo needles (love them already). Third, i consulted my PATTERN. I am to cast on several hundred lace stitches and keep them from rolling and then join. No problem.
Problem. Oh my godfather. This stuff does like to roll. Imagine having several hundred little fluffy new yellow baby chicks , now imagine yourself lining them all up in a new row facing north. Well its just impossible.
Persisting onwards anyhow,, and hoping to myself several rows into it will get easier or sort itself out. Don’t you love it when things just sort themselves out? I’m a big believer in it –

{sooo… does anyone know an easy way to get rid of a twist (or two) once you’ve started? I’ll be your best friend…}

I’m reading some great novels.. last week i finished a short story book on South African tales by Doris Lessing. I also read Bite of the Mango, by Mariatu Kamara. Next up has been a series of tales of misfortune in the outback..which was quite reassuring me i do not want to go any further than i am now! My hubby is reading lots of book on ‘outback adventure’ and ‘4wheel driving’. His survival guide says an outback adventurer should firstly always expect and fear the worst. Check.

My Cria sweater now has one sleeve , a neckline, and three buttons ! It’s coming along…snail pace. Just in time for our 100degree weather.

I’ve waffled on enough i believe.. Linking up with ginny . See you there!

End of August

Hello dear friends. What a week it has been. News of an earthquake and hurricane overseas, which is still on my mind and affecting my friends on the east coast. Sickness here in our household, of various sorts. I can say I have the utmost respect for the amazing discovery of Penicillin, and would be long ago deceased without it. Aren’t we lucky to live in this day and age.

We have mango trees, and boy are they fruiting. Soon, we will have mango delights ! It is such fun to live in a tropical climate, so different to anything i’ve ever experienced before. It has now been ‘dry’ for 6 months, wonderful cool weather. In the next few months it will heat up and bring the rainy ‘wet’ season with it. During the exchange, we experience 8 full months without a single drop of rain. Marvelous how the trees and plants and people adapt.

Due to our illnesses of sorts we’ve had some downtime from the homeschooling, but we have managed to complete our newspaper Biology man, turning it into a fun game to boot. This was super fun for us all….. Moving on into Roman Numerals in our Maths.

I myself having revelations of sorts as I continue reading “Art of zen” as discussed before. So many things I could post from it, but I won’t. Just read it sometime, won’t yoU?  It has helped me become more rooted – in a foreign country that isn’t easy to do I had thought. But aren’t you the same person wherever you roam? Perhaps life throws little tests at us ; intervalls of teaching and learning. The world keeps spinning around and around.

( I’m glad to be on it. )

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“What is life? It is the flash of a firefly in the night. It is the Breath of a Buffalo in the wintertime. It is the little shadow which run across the Grass and loses itself in the Sunset”. – Crowfoot , great warrior.

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