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Hello good people of the earth !!!!

Now that the eye candy of the new year has been presented, its time to share some news!

We’re moving into our very own house this year!

We’re having a baby this year!

We’re getting married this year!

(no need to rush things , he hee)

Busy looking into cashmere wedding shawls, – think i’ve picked this one – marriage certificates, homeschool registration, baby blankets, cast iron bathtubs, oooh its all happening.

The knitted sweater above belongs to my dear Jackson – its a Gathering Stripes by Veera Valimaki. I loooove her, and she will soon be publishing her first baby knits,,,, whoooo how excited I am !

The crochet squares above are for this blanket by the Purlbee.com. I love Wollmeise yarn, its squishy soft. I haven’t done crochet in ages and I am happy to be back into it. In other crafty news, I will hopefully be saying HELLO to my new santa claus pressie this week ….. as it still sits patiently in its pretty box. :)

I’ve been doing some blog reading/ catching up and hope to do more soon. I do hope you are all well friends, and greeting this special new year with a big SMILE.

love ,




Air shawl (giveaway)

Hello everyone ! I am directing you to my other blog where you can enter once, or twice, to win a copy of Veera Valamaki’s new Shawl Pattern !  Soon to be published on ravelry. To win, go here ! Go now ! Good luck !

The shawl pattern is here  , my ravelry notes are here. Veera’s first lace ! Lets give her some love ! xoxoxoxo

{project blog}


i can download pics onto wordpress from my flickr !

we’re back in business people ! :))))

Wollmeise Joy

This is a great knit, with super wonderful yarn.

A wintery shawl for me – in the colourways i love – red and whites.

My favorite quilts are late 18th century red and whites, solomons puzzle, cherry basket, stars, colonials.

Wollmeise yarn is a delight !

Happy New Year !

study shawl pattern on ravelry.

a little knit

hello dear friends…gosh

its been such a long while since ive been here

and so much has happened

happy things and sad things

twists and twirls of life

some things cannot be placed into words properly

they can only been seen and heard and imagined

but never written

or read

to their justification

so lets just talk knitting instead.

i knitted this hat over christmas holidays – i love it. so much fun to see the pattern grow into place.i cant wait to knit it again using a plain yarn – the varigated hacho is lovely and soft (not to mention ive still got 6 skeins of it…). I do believe a plain yarn will make the rose leaves pop out. its a ysolda pattern. i love ysolda. we have a special friendship arrangement, she and i . she makes the patterns, and i buy them. i love them. this hat is the rose red.

this is my first knitting project in three months time.

it feels good to be knitting once again.

my grandmother said recently on the phone ” laughter is better than a pill”.

i think that is true. and when you feel like it, knitting is a great mender.

it can help you to pull yourself back together, stand against the wind, be brave,

and look forward to tomorrow.

old fashioned winding

hello knitterley creatures !

ok. i am in love with this yarn . its everything i love and more .

i have lots of skeins , and i do not have a skein winder thingy. i want one believe me….but i’m just as happy for now winding my balls by hand the ‘old fashioned’ way. thanks to the lovely nonibags  on youtube, i successfully wind my own centre – pull balls !!

I am reading a wonderful vintage book of short stories about life in South Africa .. we are going camping tomorrow.. i’m packing my knitting of course.. dear mother in law has received her silk shawl and loves it.. pop over and have a little look at my quilt – and tell me what you think of the online discussion? i love your comments and thoughts always.


excited! i am now the proud new owner of some lacy yak. very much liking of the sweater using lace here. my oh my !!!!

Fast fingers


YARN USING :: lovely bamboo by sarah


My my those little goblins of mine sure did block it well

More lovely knitting at ginny\’s place.x

ps. i’ve got some lluuuuvvverly YARN heading my way, and some new needles too ! Ahh… a beautiful spring project in my head. Hints? Lets just say… tosh. yellow. knitpro. and maybe some Wollmeise too? Don’t worry… I haven’t forgotten you ms. olive …. i’m picking out the yarn right now.

Pockets of joy

we’ve been on the move.. my cria and me. My little stash basket works great for carrying my knitting round! Did i ever show it to yoU? I just love how the garters and purls and (the last ball of ) the Malabrigo yarn peeks out at you. Alot of stitches go into making an adult sweater let me just say. As I make this I realize as the years roll on each time I wear this sweater I know I will think back to where I was when I knitted it :: here in the Kimberley.

I am now down the the pockets. Based on several other knitters experience with Malabrigo and the Cria’s they have finished – I cut my Body part shorter than the pattern instructions. I did the 37 rows, the increase, then the 27 rows, then another increase. 10 rows into the next and final 27 rows, I binded off for the pockets.

Under each arm is a faux pearl seam, marked by a single stitch marker. The pocket you see here is the left pocket, marked by a stitch marker at both ends. The other side is the same, except between my faux pearl underarm seam to the beginning of the pocket has a problem. One side counts 17 stitches, the other 22. This is rather significant, but luckily I am pretty happy go lucky and have not screamed or had a panic attack. I have no idea how this happened, but i’m sure nobody will be standing on their head with their rear end up in the air counting my pocket to side stitch. (Will you?)

Front look. See the little pockets? I’ve never done pockets…. cute ! 10 more rows and it’s finished!!! Boy am I excited .

This is the back. Based on my calculations , the sweater pockets should sit right at my hip bones. Perfect. (This is before blocking,, however. I hear Malabrigo grows quite a bit.) We shall see just how much ! Anyone with a Malabrigo blocking tip or experience to share?

a Knitting beast

Well,,  we’re as happy as can Bee, My little Cria and me !

I must say,, its coming along rather fast too. Mind you, I have done little else craftwise and I am perfectly content to pick up this knitting whenever I find a slot during the day or night. Hubby in there complaining his feet are sticking to the kitchen floor and something about mopping. Blah Blah. (Doesn’t he know I have more pressing issues??)

So around page 8 of this pattern ( on Yoke, continued) it says ‘repeat last 4 rows 5 more times. Well, I noticed of course after those 5 rows were finished that I had mistakingly repeated the last 2 rows 5 times more. Bah ! Stupid…so I then had a decision to make. This part was the gradual Make 1 on either side of the sleeve cuffs you see pictured above. So instead of mine increases being over 4 rows, they were over 2. So basically my sleeves were going to puff right out till next week. Decisions = Pull out 300 x 10 stitches (two days work).. or puff. I took the puff. I did the two first rows 5 times afterwards to make sure I had the same number of rows complete. All seems to be just fine.

I do like that this pattern is different, interesting, all done completely in the round with no seams or piecing. I love this Malabrigo yarn. I love knitting patterns that go from the top down, so you can try them on and see how the sizing is going.

When Hubby came home from school to whisk me away to the police department this arvo, (fingerprinting for immigration – don’t worry)… I was still wearing my little Cria as shown in the last pic. I sure am happy and It feels so great to finally make something knitted for ME !!

I don’t know why I haven’t before now. So It’s a bit of a sudden compulsion I must admit. The kids are saying make me this , i’d love a sweater mum, but I can’t even hear them. I am thinking already of what else I’m going to make for ME. Hmn. Will it be February Lady Sweater, Melia, Olive, Coraline ? I love them all. Hey, I’ve got some Dk wool – (stashed here) … and I would like to tweak one of the above patterns to suit this wool. Most say a heavier gauge wool, like a worsted. But I see several others have used a Dk, so to do this does one go up a needle size to get the right gauge? Is that how we do it? I like Dk, its easier to wear inside or under a coat without feeling like a penguin or getting too hot. I’d love your advice anyway. I need more experience on knit tweaking. Perhaps a bit of Elizabeth Zimmerman Reading would guide me in the right direction….

Have you a favorite knitted cardigan pattern you’ve done? I’ll add it to my list as well ! Happy Knitting all !!!

Malabrigo Bee Cria

Meet my Bee Cria.

There are many things (many) that I could say about her, but I won’t.

To put it simply, i love her.

We are going to be best buddies, I can tell.


ps. more wordy knitters to be found at Ginny\’s.

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